Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday day of fun!

We met the Mom's club for breakfast at the Plaza. Grace got to see her good friends Joey and Mia! Mia gave Grace a big hug!
Grace all got to see one of her future boyfriends, Heinz!

The kids all ate Mickey Mouse pancakes!!

Drew's old friend, Eric, came in town for an interview in B'ham. Grace LOVED him. This was the first time I actually saw Grace "flirting" It was cute.

Grace wanted to sit with Daddy at dinner.
Grace took this picture of Eric!! At dinner.

Nathan sees the kitty cat on Grace's dress.

Nathan, Garrett, Drew, and Eric.

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Leah said...

Eric was awesome! So much fun to meet him at the J.Clyde.

BTW I LOVE the photo of Drew kissing Grace on the cheek. She's such a little dollbaby.