Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dance class

Joey & Mia invited Grace for a day at dance. It was also their Halloween party today, so Grace had a double dose of fun. I wasn't sure how Grace would do, since she is so young... but she BLEW me away! She was doing everything the instructor told them to- twirling, dancing on tip toes, raising her arms up, etc. It was so cute. The instructor said she can tell on the first day whether or not they are ready to join. She said that Grace was ready to do it! IF she wanted to- so we are getting a few more weeks to "try it out" and see if she really wants to get involved with dance. I will let her make that choice. She said she had fun, "dance joey mia" and she danced on her tip toes some tonight.

Getting ready for the dance Halloween Party with her witch costume.
Grace at dance class!

Joey was protecting Grace and Mia was close by!

More shots of Grace in her costume! Riding her motorcycle!

I have to tell you, it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I just really saw my baby as a little girl. I know she just turned two- but it just surprised me how I felt watching her do this. I was standing outside looking through the door. This is old hat for some, but it was just all new for me and for my baby! My baby!!!! My little girl. After they were done dancing, the instructor told us we could come in, and Grace was sitting with the other girls- and then she saw me, and her face puckered up crying for me. It felt strange, I was glad to be there for her and comfort her with this new feeling of being "alone" without any family around, but I also felt like I had ruined a special moment for her. She was having so much fun and then saw me and realized she was on her own. All part of growing up. I remember going through it when I was little too. I didn't ever want to leave my mom's sight. I still don't. HAHA! I am so thankful for my family. I love you all very much. Sorry to get mushy- but watching Grace grow does that to me sometimes.

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The Clark Family said...

I love her witch costume. It's so precious. She'll have to show us her dance moves at the party Sat.