Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So irritated w/ myself

First off- I am behind on a few blogs already- I will have pictures to come, including Uncle John putting together Grace's swing set. ( which she already had her first accident on today! Poor thing... but SHE STILL LOVES it!!! ) ZaZa, Uncle John, and April got her swing set for her birthday... and to say she is thrilled is an understatement. Grace LOVES her slide! We are getting her bucket swing tomorrow!

The reason I am so irritated is because we went to dinner tonight with April P- and I didn't get a picture!! ARGH. I know I know, you can't document every single event in your life- but this was a special night. April bought dinner for me and Grace for our birthday outting... and she got Grace some grocery food toys!! Grace came home saying, "April Po' gave me happy birthday to you toy"

Anyhow- thanks April, for an awesome evening. I enjoy spending time with you and talking with you! If there was a picture this is how it would have looked:

:) :) :0

Me and April smiling, and Grace surprised/happy with her gift.

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A said...

That picture made my day, Mandy! Too funny. We did have a great time :)

Happy early birthday to both of the Golightly girls!