Sunday, October 26, 2008

More fun with the family

You would think by now I would have this blogging thing down, or would take time to read the help section... but oh well. What am I talking about you ask? Well--- I can never arrange the pictures the way they are uploaded... so they are out of order. Errrr... as requested in previous blogs, if you are an expert and you know how to rearrange pictures AFTER they have been uploaded please shoot me an email or leave me a comment... anyhow--- even though they are out of order--- you will "get the picture"

We went for a day at the park by my parents house one day during Jer's visit. Sara, Hailey, and Grace had fun swinging. Interesting to see a picture of me and my big brother as adults pushing our little ones. I can remember going to the park in Colorado with him when we were young--
Picnic, Grandma was right- sandwiches taste so much better outdoors.

THIS IS OUT OF ORDER- but here is a picture of the girls at Aldridge Gardens.

Another picnic shot.

Grace on her actual birthday... look at those pigtails!!! This was right before we went to the Dr. The Dr told me that it was by far the best 2 year old visit he had ever had. He said he usually gets bruised up from his 2 year old patients. But she let him do everything w/ ease. She sat there and let him do everything, and even laid down for her shot. She cried 2 tears, and then said, "all better."
Drew and I gave her a kiddie doctor kit for her birthday, and we had been playing that quite a bit, and I let her bring the kit with her- so I think that is why she handled it like a pro. She knew what was going on. I was very very proud of her.

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