Monday, April 28, 2008

Beach trip Part 1

The first 2 nights of our beach trip we stayed with Sam, Drew's step mom. Grace soon learned that Brian called Sam Nana... so she was asking Nana for candy quite a bit. Cute shot of Grace and Brian. Brian is Mici's son. Mici is Drew's step sister.
Brian and Grace... Grace kept calling Brian "A-go" She thought he was Diego!! She still says "A-go" when she sees his pictures!!

Drew, Grace and I went to the beach last week. We had a fantastic time. The weather was perfect and we almost had the beaches to ourselves. The first day we went to Pensacola and enjoyed the beaches there. Grace looked adorable. She was unsure about the water but really enjoyed the sand.

Grace is really into "gyasses"

Look at that cute belly!
LOVE this picture!!!!!!!!!!
Grace held my hand tight!
Playing in the sand!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa come to visit

Mom got a shot of all three of us. It is rare that we have a picture of all of us together!

Grace woke up from her afternoon nap to find Grandma and Grandpa over for a visit! She gave "Papa" big hugs.

Grandma read to Gracie and then Grace showed Grandma that she can read her little books too.

A great shot of Gracie laughing it up big time with Grandpa!!

Ok- one more of the three of us!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A few cute pictures

Carson Grace & Grace. I met Lindsey and her daughter Carson Grace a few weeks ago and we have become great friends. They are neighbors and the two girls are super cute together--- although Grace has had to sit on the naughty mat a few times, because she is still learning "soft touch" and how to share with Carson Grace. Riley took this picture of me and Grace!! I was impressed with his photography.
SWEET SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!! Drew got me a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries!! WHAT A SWEEEEEET gift!!! I could NOT believe it!! We all very very much enjoyed them!

The pianist

I found this piano on Craig's list!! I have been looking for one to get Grace for a long time, and this was brand new- purchased for 100$ sold to me for 30$!! I am thrilled! Grace LOVES it. Big thank you to Kotie for teaching me the details of the website!! Look at how ADORABLE Grace looks.

"I think I can do this..."

"Great BALLS OF FIRE!!!"

"Now I will play for ZaZa" (That is what she calls Momma Zara)

Fun times

Grace with her Daddy. Notice she is wearing her Las Vegas shirt from Uncle Jer and Aunt Kotie. Thanks for all the cute gifts Jer and Kotie!
Grace and me. I know she isn't looking at the camera... but still a cute shot and you can see her shirt a little better. I LOVE LOVE this shot of Drew and Grace. Super cute. This is one night after work, we went to the park. Drew had had a very bad day- so we wanted to cheer him up with some Gracie park fun! She loves slides and swings!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In honor of Grandma's 90th birthday!

In honor of my grandmother's 90th birthday April 11th I finally put up my chickens!! I found this holder a few months ago- but just got it up the 12th. Happy Birthday to my grandma! I wish I could have been in Minnesota with her to celebrate.

Riley and Grace

An older shot of Grace and Riley!!! SO cute... check out the new pics too.

Grace adores Riley- I have been watching Riley after school since August. It has been fun watching the two of them together. Riley would never admit it, but he loves Gracie. When she is napping he always asks when she will be up so he can play with her. It is cute. And Grace loves watching Riley get off the bus- she screams and waves and waves until he gets to the front door. Here are some old shots of them, and a new one of Riley reading to Grace. Victoria, Riley's sister, is also in one of the pictures. Cute as can be!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Love these pictures of the girls. They are getting so big. They all impress me w/ how smart and sweet they are.

Be sure to check out the videos... Sara & Grace are cute... Sara will be 2 in May- and Hailey will be 4 in June. I love watching Grace with her cousins. She just adores them. It is cute. Sara and Hailey are so sweet, and I am proud to be their aunt.

An older video- but I really wanted to put it on to show off my very articulate neice.

Hailey and Sara

Grace with Hailey. She loves her big cousin. So sweet. And check out that funny ponytail!! We got all three girls in funny pigtails/ponytails. Then we painted toenails. I should have been a beautician.

Darling picture of the girls on a live tiger. That tiger was sweet. Cutie profile of Grace. And check out the hair blowing in the wind!! She is getting hair!!
Sara and Grace. They are such sweethearts.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hayden and Kinsley!

I had the opportunity to see my best friend Heather for one day last weekend. It was bittersweet... I haven't seen her in over 6 years, since our wedding to be exact, and it just felt like we were never apart. We were talking all day as though we had just seen each other the day before and as though we would be getting together again next week. It was so fantastic to see her, and to laugh with her, and to see her with her children. Hayden and Kinsley were so sweet and just adorable. Grace really enjoyed her time with them. I hope we see each other again really soon. I can't stand it!

Friday, April 4, 2008


We had to take Grace to Children's Hospital last night. She had been sneezing and coughing since Wednesday night, but we thought it may be a cold coming on. But last night around 5:30ish she started wheezing. So we didn't want to take ANY chances! We took her to the URGENT CH clinic and they gave her a breathing treatment. We had to hold a mask on her face for 10 minutes. Poor girl. She screamed her little heart out. It was so sad. I was crying too! Then Drew and I started to sing to her- and she calmed down... but it may be just because she was getting so exhausted. Anyhow, the Dr said that helped tremendously. She said she has allergies and it is due to the pollen that is so bad right now. UGH! Grace got her Dad's side allergies. Bummmmmer.... we may have to move to Colorado. :) We need to give her the inhaler treatment every 4 hours for 3 days and a steroid medication every day for 5 days. We will keep you posted. Stupid allergies. :( :(

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More couponing!!

So check this out!! I got allllll of these groceries for $8.31!!! YEAH!!! I know, I know. Big whoop. But I am excited about my good deals. 40 count pizza rolls for 84 cents! 3 pack of soap for 40 cents, etc. etc. 5 boxes of cereal!!! 4 boxes of poptarts! PB! Grace snacks! Yogurt! Frozen veggies! Sorry- this is my new hobby.

And this is what I got for free this week! More toothpaste too! ( I can stock up or give to charity! WAHOO!) Allergy meds, toothbrush and blush!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grace and Peyton

2 post in one day! Wowsers. Ok... I really wanted to add a blog about today. Amanda went on a field trip with Landon, so I got to watch Peyton today. It was such a joy! Peyton and Grace played together so well. They were making each other laugh and just having a ball. I have never seen Grace play so much WITH someone... it was darling. Here are a few shots of their day together. Be sure to watch this video too- it is much more exciting than a painted wall video. HAHA!

Yeah!! The walls are finished!

Big thanks to Danitza for finishing up our walls!! She was so fantastic. What a friend. She said, "Can I do it for you?" CAN YOU?!!! YES!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! This was such a huge help to us. Check out our almost finished basement! We just have to finish the ceiling and put stuff in!!!