Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Videos of riding on the Motorcycle

Grace needs a bit of a push:


Now Daddy:

And off she goes!:

A Day at the Park w/ Uncle John!

We took Grace to the park this past weekend... and she had a blast. We brought her motorcycle that Aunt Kotie and Uncle Jer got for her last birthday. While we were there we bumped into Brian and Liam!! Grace is in LOVE with Liam. I can not stress that enough. She cried when he left... and rubbed her eyes saying, "Oh Mommy, I love him I love him!"
Uncle John pushes Gracie!

Hugs for Uncle John!
Grace's first ice cream truck experience!

She is really into puzzles now. She can't get enough of them. She wanted to get these in the right order before she could play!

Oh My Gosh/Cute Dress

Grace ate her chocolate and said, "Oh My Gosh... chocolate!" I tried to get her to say it again for the video-- but of course she switched it around some. "Oh My Gosh, Chocolate Milk." Too funny! She got "Oh My Gosh" from the show Oswald.

Walking with Grandma. I wanted to show off her cute dress from Great Aunt Sharon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Depot!

Papa and Nama came to Home Depot this weekend to help Grace with her project.

Melissa and Liam joined us! Liam is Grace's "favorite Friend" she now says over and over... "where's Liam?"

What exactly are you hammering over there?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andrew Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize not all of you want to watch my Andrew Bird video clips--- but at least I can archive them this way! Thanks for looking... :) Please look a few post down at the actual pictures we got at the concert! MUCH LOVE!

"Damn you for being so easy going... "

Andrew Bird Videos Part 4

Andrew Bird Videos part 3

Andrew Bird videos part 2

Andrew Bird videos part 1

Sorry they are just little clips. I wish I could have done the whole show!

Andrew Bird pictures!

Drew was so sweet and purchased tickets for us to see Andrew Bird in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse. What a blast! We had the best time riding there... just talking and talking! I was afraid we would be cutting it too close... but we got right up to the stage with no problems... it was so intimate... and by far the best concert I have been to.

Our fellow Andrew Bird Fans:

Story time at the library!

Daddy was able to come with us to story time this past Monday. Grace and Daddy made a craft together.
Look who is bare foot!

Making snow!

Shake shake shake your beanbag!

Putting the beanbags away!

Check out the video of making snow!

Circus and Riverdance weekend!

Grace and I went to the circus with my parents this past Saturday!! Grace was so engrossed in it!

I want more popcorn!

Dad and I went to Riverdance on Sunday. I enjoyed it soooo much. We were in the VERY last row... but in the middle at the concert hall BJCC. It was so great being there with Dad... and it brought back a lot of memories from when Amy, Dad, and I did Riverdance. These dancers were ALMOST as good as us.... ALMOST! By the way, no pictures of Riverdance... because they weren't allowed... I almost got us kicked out taking a camera phone picture of my dad and me! Oh well.