Thursday, September 24, 2009

It is done.

Well, we have moved from "Gracie's House" It was very bittersweet. I am thankful we sold our home in this market... but I am sad, because it was the home that Grace started to crawl, walk, talk... and boo about. I have so many memories in that home in less than 3 years. Drew had his mancave, and I had my vaulted ceilings w/ plenty of natural light. I hope we can find a house we all love again... and before too long!! Grace saw the house empty and said, "Oh NO! What happened to Gracie's House? OH NO! Where is your bed, mommy... ? OH NO! They packed up Gracie's room! OH NO OH NO! Mommy! OH NO, I really liked this room!" A while later she said, "I miss Gracie's house, but I'm not sad anymore. We are going to find a new grown up house and Ginger and Mary Ann can come too" BTW- G&MA are staying with my friend Dan until we find our new home... THANK YOU DAN!!

We are staying w/ family until we decide where to land... so I won't be blogging much these days... :) Much love to everyone! Hope to post new home pictures before too long!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Colorado Day 2

The following day was Lilia's actual birthday. We got up and spent the morning at Littleton where they had an outdoor sale day... the weather was perfect and we had a super time. Grace and Lilia had a blast too!

Love this shot of Lilia! SOOOOOOO ADORABLE! HUGS!

They were very focused on making hats at the children's craft table... I, ahem, accidently left the hat in Amy's car...Another stop at the World's cutest Candy shop!

We then met Jody and her two children, Noelle and Canyon, for lunch. They brought Lilia cake and balloons!

Grace saw this at the Red Robin, and said, "Mommy!!! Just like in Ghostbusters!"

Amy's Lilia, My Grace, and Jody's Canyon and Noelle... hey... Clem clan... doesn't Canyon look just like Jeff when he was a little boy?!!

The family birthday party! Jeff, Jody, Amy, Jeff's wife, Jenny, Adam, Amy's Uncle... the kiddos...

There's Bill!! Bill was my dad's police partner in Denver. Amy's dad.

Lilia got hermit crabs for her birthday.

Awwww... the three of us. Amy, me, and Jody... I have soooooo many fond memories from when we were little. I can't even begin to tell you how much these two mean to me. We played HARD together... we put on shows for our family- some random thoughts: races together, frog hopping contest at the fair, Whiskers!!!!, "You know I love you but I smell your feet "song ( I would put the whole song on here, but fear someone would steal our song when we don't have copywrite on it yet), mole buddies, Anyhow I could go on and on...

But it shows the Clem/Clayton kids. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, and other times it is hard to believe we are in our 30s....!
More post to come, I have a few more days of cuteness from Lilia and Grace to upload... but I am getting tired tonight. Much love!

Colorado trip Day 1

I bought plane tickets last March to see Amy in August, not knowing I would be in Denver this past June. It was good to see her then too, but so nice to have a visit w/ her under much better circumstances.

Grace and I were able to have an incredible time with Amy. I love her dearly... and have since I was zero. We have been connected for so many years... almost 32 to be exact. Wow... that is weird... 32... eeeeek! But I did have a guy from the Hyundai dealership mistake me for 14 the other day. He could not believe Grace was mine, and insisted that he thought I was 14... not even old enough to drive!!! LOL! I have been carded this summer for a lottery ticket, and for a drink... but to be mistaken as a freshman in high school... anyhow- back to Colorado:

Our first full day we went to the candy store in Littleton. It is called Lola's Sugar Rush, and let me tell you- it is the CUTEST candy store ever. I just ADORED it... I wish I could have a shop like it and call it Mandy's Candies.... maybe some day, eh?

I love this picture of Lilia, she is chasing bubbles... and her cutie face has candy all over it from our fun candy store trip. Grace LOVES their dog Leo. She loves loves loves him. IN FACT... after Amy worked so hard on making cupcakes for Lilia's birthday, she had to run to the store... and while she was gone... LEO ATE THE CUPCAKES!!!! I think he ate like 2 dozen or so!! Needless to say, Amy was very upset when she discovered this... and Grace was on Leo's side saying it was ok... and she loved him.... even if we were all groaning at him... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to Denver (more pics)

Grace hanging out with her second cousin, Carter. He is reading to her--- he is 4 years old... and he can read just about anything you put in front of him!! He is so smart, and so fun! The kiddos hanging out in the hotel room. Grace so loved hanging out with Carter. They were super duper cute together.

Grace looking at my first cousin Jake.
Brandon holding Grace--- Jake in background.

Casa Bonita... Drew's dream came true. Amy's dad calls it Kaka don't eat it.

Lilia and Grace in a restaurant in downtown Denver.

The Adkins with Gracie girl. Lee and Amy were so awesome. It was the first time I met Lee, and they have been married for nine years!!! Craziness!

The Dads and girls in Downtown Denver. We just went and walked around for a little bit- and decided we would rather hang out in downtown Littleton. I am so glad we went though, it was neat to see the city I was born in again!

Grace loved Lilia's dog, Leo.

Sweetie Pie Lilia.

Grace, "Hmmm... what else should I make for dinner?"

Some Buffalo on the side of the road... Grace loved that the bird was sitting on the buffalo!