Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video From Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese

We went to Chuck E Cheese Wednesday and Grace had a blast.

Grace and Hailey running around

Oh yeah!

A video from Sara's birthday party. It isn't a must see for those with time restraints... but it is cute of the kids getting the candy after the pinata fell.

Grace and Riley

School is Out!!! Grace and I really enjoyed watching Riley in the afternoons. Now Riley is i nthe first grade!! Goodness, he grew up so much in less than a year!!
Riley and I made cookies from scratch. while Grace was out with her Daddy. Riley hates getting his picture taken, but I managed to get this one. :)

Happy to see Daddy

When we got home from our trip Grace was sooo happy to see Daddy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grandpa and the girls

Sara's Birthday bash!

We made a quick trip to Virginia to celebrate Sara's second birthday! What a bash!

Grandpa loves bubbles!!!! BUBBBBBBLES!!! Me and Grace!
Sara getting ready to blow out her candles.

Sara and Kotie. Hailey looking so sweet.
"Hey there Aunt Mandy!" She is sooooo adorable. Love this girl beyond words.
Love all these girls beyond words... anyhow- here is Grandpa with his 3 granddaughters. Grace and Grandpa kiss!

Grace with Peyton and Hailey at the sandbox!

Uncle Jer and Gracie!
Grace is sitting with Kotie's dad eating her first smores.

Jer and I ride the teeter-totter. I think that is Sara with me... uh... sorta hard to tell. We were going so fast. Haha. Reminded me of when Jer and I were little and played together. Good times! Good times!
Look at the "playground" my brother made for the girls in their backyard. Swingset, huge sandbox, and cute little benches.

One weekend he decided to make a firepit. Yeah- just said, "hey, I am bored, how about I make a firepit in the backyard" 2 days later they are out making fires and roasting marshmellows. Talk about motivation.
I love this picture- I just wish it had more light! All of the girls around Grandma. Taking turns on her lap. So sweet.

More of Jer and Kotie's backyard. And yes, my brother made that little house- one weekend. Isn't it darling?!!! The girls LOVE it. Grace did too! She was constantly going in and out- and sitting on the picnic table inside. Grandpa got a windchime so Hailey used it to call us in to "dinner."
Sara, getting ready to pop bubbles!

Grace and Victoria

After Riley's Kindergarden graduation Victoria came over to spend the day with me and Grace. They had such a good time together!! Be sure to check out this cute video.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kimbo and Gracie

Kim and Grace have so much fun together. I don't even know why I go to lunch with them. They don't even act like I exist. Almost every week we meet Kim at Mr. Wangs- the old SouthTrust/Wachovia hang out- and we have a fun meal. Grace and "Bo" are kindred spirits. So cute... and Kim loves teaching Grace "bad" tricks. Like sucking up noodles, pounding forks, eating sugar packets... you know... all of the things I have to tell her "no" to. Grace loves her Kimbo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cover Girl

CG- two fold... First of all- after all the couponing and rebates and BOGO frees are taken into account... I took over 70$ worth of make- up home... not just for free-- but for getting over 10$ back on a gift card!!! Can you believe it!! 14 CoverGirl items- and Rite Aid is sending me a gift card!!! I am so proud of my coupon skills this month. Seriously- with all that make up I should become a beauty queen right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!! Still- it was fun, and I made money off of it.
AND!! My little cover girl is on Stephanie's PhotogBlog spot... check her out!!
More soon!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back up and RUNNING!

Our computer was "out of order" temporarily- and thanks to my BIL John, it is back up and running!!! I am super lucky to have a computer expert in the family. Thank you, John for saving all 11,148 pictures of Grace we have taken over the past year and a half. Yes seriously-- -it was over 11,000 pictures of Grace... a little obsessive don't you think? ;-)

Can you imagine what a basket case I would have been had I lost all of Grace's baby pictures? I don't consider myself materialistic- but when it comes to pictures--- you better believe I would cry my eyes out had I lost them--- so again... A BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks to John for the computer fix.

More blogging soon- just wait until you see the good deal I got at Rite Aid with CoverGirl!! 14 make up items for less than $8.00. Again- not materialistic- but very frugal!! PEACE

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunday afternoon at Garrett & Danitza's

Daddy and Grace admire the nice swimming pool. Grace with Aunt April.
Danitza and Grace.
Garrett's big dive!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Uncle" & Grace

Grace and her Uncle John. We got some super cute pictures of the two of them from our Sunday visit at G&Ds. Grace now calls John, "Uncle." Be sure to watch the video too!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beach Trip Part 4

We stayed in Destin w/ Lance and Stephanie the last 2 nights of our trip.

Lance and Stephanie have a pool in their neighborhood- so we took advantage of that!

Lance and Stephanie

Our stupidest purchase was 3 scoops of ice cream for 15$ at Seaside--- so much for being a frugal mom at that point. :-) It was fun though.

Daddy gets Grace at Grayton Beach.

We had one more day at the beach- and Grace was finally liking the water. She thought it was funny how it splashed up on her--- as long as Mommy was close to her.