Sunday, August 31, 2008

An evening at Liam's house!

We went to the C family house and had such a nice time. It was so nice to spend time with old friends and let the kids just go "wild" and play. Grace really enjoyed Liam. She laughed so much and had a non stop grin at his house. Liam is a sweetheart. He was so good to Grace, and sweet with sharing toys. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you C family for having us over!! Grace and Liam hug.

Be sure to watch these videos. The first one has both of them laughing. Listen to Liam, he sounds so cute. He was giggling so much. The two of them are super cute.

This is a little dark, but still fun to hear them laugh! When we got to our street Grace said, "Bye bye Liam's house. Gracie's house!"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Videos from MN

My cousin Carrie helps Grace on the slide.

Grace helps Carrie water the flowers.

Grandpa and Grace feed the deer!!! "Bambi, eat that cracker."

Grace hears Michael Jackson for the first time!

Grace talks to Zara on the phone about April, John and Sophie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok Ok Ok

I know! A lot of pictures from Minnesota! I know! But we had a nice time and it was so good to see my family. I don't get to see my cousins or aunt and uncle that much. And it is weird not seeing my grandma like I used to... I wanted to share with you the good time we had. I haven't even posted the pictures on the way home yet- or all of the pictures of Grace and Papa and in front of big wacky statues- so there is still plenty more to come... not to mention the cutie videos. But I am going to pause a while. Thanks for looking. More later.......

Last day in Minnesota

Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda grilled for us our last night. Grandma, Scott and Carrie and Grace are on the right. Danylle is at the head of the table twd the camera, her boyfriend Bump and his sweetie girl Rachel are on the left with Mom, Dad, and Aunt Linda. Uncle Larry is at the head of the table. Grace and Rachel had sooooo much fun playing together. They chased each other all night and wore each other out. Danylle told me that on the ride home she told Rachel that she made Grace awfully tired, and Rachel answered: "Baby Grace made me awfully tired." Cute cute cute.
Danylle and Aunt Linda
Grace says her good-byes.

Minnesota Continued

After the Museum we went to dinner at a local bar by Carrie and Scott's house. It made me think of Sweet Home Alabama. "You have a baby... in a bar..." Haha. Carrie, Grace, Abby, and I went for a walk and Grace had a great time at the park!

She then helped Carrie water her plants. Carrie watered Grace's feet just like Papa does!! To help them grow!!
We had lunch with Cindy- Carrie and Laura's mom. We also got to go to her art gallery for a private visit!!

Museum Cont.

Grandma and Grace spin the wheel to make electricity. Grace LOVED this.
A remake from a shot when Carrie and I were little.
I love love love this picture! I was snapping a picture and Grace turned around and said, "CHEESE!" without being prompted. Super cute!

Day Four cont... Bakkan Museum!

We went to the Bakkan Museum where Carrie works. It was wonderful. We had such a good time!!! Carrie was our own personal docent. Here is Grandma getting shocked! Scott and Carrie- look at Carrie grinning at her husband. SO cute.
There is Carrie's pretty smile again, while Uncle Larry gets shocked.
Grace learns what magnets can do to TVs
Grace looks like, " So now what?" Haha!

Day Four cont.... a chance mtg w/ DIEGO!

Another shot of LegoLand Oh man... guess who Grace sees!!!
She went RIGHT to him and hugged him!
She is so lucky that she got to meet Diego! WOW!

Day Four

Papa, Grace, and I went to MOA ( as they call it in Minnesota ) It was ridiculus how huge the mall was. I mean, seriously! I couldn't even shop there was just too much going on. We had so much fun just looking at everything and everyone! The amusement park in the mall:

Legoland inside the mall!

Day Three cont again

My cousins Danylle and Carrie. Carrie is 21 weeks pregnant!! Well 22 now!! She is having a little boy!!! SO SO exciting! I will have more pictures of Scott and Carrie soon. Danylle and I used to be BIG NKOTB fans... seriously, it was disturbing how much we liked them. Oh what will Grace be into when she is 11 and 12 ? Here we are with Danylle's NKOTB comforter that she said she would use FOREVER!! Aunt Linda gave it to the dog. hahaha!
Grace had a blast with Danylle. I will post some videos soon, she learned the word WOW- and with a Minnesota accent. It was super cute, they had a good time.

Day Three cont...

I love this one!

Grace is a tree hugger!
And a tree kisser!