Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Fun!

We had a fun filled weekend this past weekend. Saturday after painting we went to John and Crystal's house. We were so happy to spend time with Miss Ella. She has grown so much since I last saw her. What a precious little girl!! She is full of smiles and such a delight to be around. Grace enjoyed her too- but was starting to get a little bit bossy and wanting the toys for herself.

Sunday we drove to Huntsville to see Jonathan and Libby. We had such a nice visit. Charlie is also growing up so much!! He and Grace make a cute little couple. Grace had fun with all of his toys. She is still is trying to get the hang of this "sharing" business... Charlie was a real trooper to loan Grace his toys for the afternoon. He is such a handsome boy and has such a sweet personality! We really miss seeing the Ps. I really wish Libby and I lived across the street from each other!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Painting the Man Cave

Ok- we started to paint our basement today--- and as Drew said, "This is NOT our calling." We could not even pretend that it was fun and splash paint on each other like couples do in the movies. We HATED every minute of it- and we aren't even finished. Seriously. What happened to my Habitat for Humanity skills?!!? I was getting so frustrated, and our PROFESSIONAL paint tarp leaked through tons of spots on our new carpet!!! Thanks to my mom, she was able to blot most of it up! What a day. But enough of my negative vibes in the universe--- I have to tell you the awesome positive stuff- my mom, Momma Zara, John and April were here to help take care of Grace and mom even jumped in to help paint! And she HATES painting. Thanks Mom! And John took down Grace's crib, put up her new toddler bed and put her step stool together!!! Family sure is a blessing. Thanks to each of you. I love you!


Ladies and gentleman... I am a SAHM on a mission!!! Seriously, my friend, Stacy, has introduced me to couponing. I am not talking the kind of couponing that you buy stuff you don't really need and the generic brand is cheaper and just as good .. I am talking buy butter for 12cents, soap for 50 cents, and get tons of stuff for free couponing. AWESOME! I just started this week and already my food bill dropped 25% & what I bought will last twice as long! Yipppeee!

Here is a picture of the good stuff I got for FREE!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter 2008

Grace had a really nice time this Easter! What a doll. We got up and went to the neighbor's for her first Easter egg hunt. Grace played and had so much fun with Riley and Victoria searching for goodies. Easter Bunny gave Grace some bows, socks, and a bear!! (Thank you Easter Millers!!) We then went to Gran's house where Grace received stuffed animals and flowers. After that it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's house to get more candy and her LuckyDucks game... which she is now obsessed with. We had a really nice time and Grace looked darling in her two Easter dresses- one from borrowed from Ms. Victoria, the second a gift from Vicki. Thank you all! Here are some pics from this Easter and an old shot from last Easter!!! My how much she has changed in a year!! Thanks for looking at the blog!