Friday, October 31, 2008

Grace and Uncle Jer

Had to share this shot from Grace's birthday week. How cute does my brother look with Grace?!!? I captured it from Kotie's myspace page. LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dance class

Joey & Mia invited Grace for a day at dance. It was also their Halloween party today, so Grace had a double dose of fun. I wasn't sure how Grace would do, since she is so young... but she BLEW me away! She was doing everything the instructor told them to- twirling, dancing on tip toes, raising her arms up, etc. It was so cute. The instructor said she can tell on the first day whether or not they are ready to join. She said that Grace was ready to do it! IF she wanted to- so we are getting a few more weeks to "try it out" and see if she really wants to get involved with dance. I will let her make that choice. She said she had fun, "dance joey mia" and she danced on her tip toes some tonight.

Getting ready for the dance Halloween Party with her witch costume.
Grace at dance class!

Joey was protecting Grace and Mia was close by!

More shots of Grace in her costume! Riding her motorcycle!

I have to tell you, it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I just really saw my baby as a little girl. I know she just turned two- but it just surprised me how I felt watching her do this. I was standing outside looking through the door. This is old hat for some, but it was just all new for me and for my baby! My baby!!!! My little girl. After they were done dancing, the instructor told us we could come in, and Grace was sitting with the other girls- and then she saw me, and her face puckered up crying for me. It felt strange, I was glad to be there for her and comfort her with this new feeling of being "alone" without any family around, but I also felt like I had ruined a special moment for her. She was having so much fun and then saw me and realized she was on her own. All part of growing up. I remember going through it when I was little too. I didn't ever want to leave my mom's sight. I still don't. HAHA! I am so thankful for my family. I love you all very much. Sorry to get mushy- but watching Grace grow does that to me sometimes.

Halloween Party

Our mom's club had a Halloween party for the kids. Holly was the host. She really outdid herself. I was so impressed with all of the "extras" she did for the kids. It really did bring back a fun spirit for the holiday. Thank you, Holly, for everything you did. It was an awesome party.

Heinz dressed up as a groom... Grace as his bride. A little blurry- but still cute.
I got a good shot of Joey w/ cupcake in her mouth!!

Holly and her little pumpkin, Izzy. I didn't get a shot of Jake. errrrr!

Our friend Julie and her little one Caroline also joined us. I didn't get any good shots of the adults... but Joy was there as well and I have some shots of Mia from dance today I will share soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go go Gracie!!!

Uncle John shows Grace how to steer!

This is my favorite picture of Grace. Ok- I have a lot of favorites- but this is in the top 10 for sure. Uncle Jer, Aunt Kotie, Hailey, and Sara got Grace a motorcycle for her birthday. The first few times she rode it she wasn't too sure what to do- well by the 3rd time on it- she knew what to do! She gets on, gets ready, gets set... and goes without any hesitation now... and she can already steer that thing like a pro! It is soooo super cute.

Uncle John, Aunt April, and ZaZa came over Saturday. John cemented her swingset in! THANK YOU JOHN!

Build an elephant, dog, turtle...

Check out these videos!

Papa took the girls to Build A Bear at the mall. When I walked by that place I always thought it was cheesy and a huge marketing ploy... but you know what, I got sucked in. It was realllllly cute. The whole process was cute, and the girls really enjoyed it. Hailey picked out a puppy, Sara picked out an elephant, and Grace really wanted the turtle. She loves her turtle and has had to take it with her everywhere since she got it... if he is missing she says, "oh no turtle!"

Family fun continued

Papa (Grandpa) and all of the girls look exhausted .They settle in to watch Shrek.
The girls made biscuits for breakfast. I love this picture. Grace and mom are having their own conversation on the side. Hailey and Sara are busy preparing breakfast.

One day while shopping... Papa tries to get Grace to go in this store instead of the toy store...

Gals sitting on the couch.

More fun with the family

You would think by now I would have this blogging thing down, or would take time to read the help section... but oh well. What am I talking about you ask? Well--- I can never arrange the pictures the way they are uploaded... so they are out of order. Errrr... as requested in previous blogs, if you are an expert and you know how to rearrange pictures AFTER they have been uploaded please shoot me an email or leave me a comment... anyhow--- even though they are out of order--- you will "get the picture"

We went for a day at the park by my parents house one day during Jer's visit. Sara, Hailey, and Grace had fun swinging. Interesting to see a picture of me and my big brother as adults pushing our little ones. I can remember going to the park in Colorado with him when we were young--
Picnic, Grandma was right- sandwiches taste so much better outdoors.

THIS IS OUT OF ORDER- but here is a picture of the girls at Aldridge Gardens.

Another picnic shot.

Grace on her actual birthday... look at those pigtails!!! This was right before we went to the Dr. The Dr told me that it was by far the best 2 year old visit he had ever had. He said he usually gets bruised up from his 2 year old patients. But she let him do everything w/ ease. She sat there and let him do everything, and even laid down for her shot. She cried 2 tears, and then said, "all better."
Drew and I gave her a kiddie doctor kit for her birthday, and we had been playing that quite a bit, and I let her bring the kit with her- so I think that is why she handled it like a pro. She knew what was going on. I was very very proud of her.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family time

Hailey and Drew. I love this picture!! LOVE IT!!

Grace giving herself a shot!

Playing with her babydoll and bassinet.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More of the party animals!

Grace in the cotton bin. Love this expression! Grace, Sara, and Hailey

Ella, Crystal, me, & Stephanie

Drew, Nathan, Leah, Andrea, and Danitza

John, Grace and April

John and April

Party animals!

Grace on her motorcycle from Uncle Jer and Aunt Kotie.
opening gifts...
Crystal, Ella, Stephanie

Tina, Sara!
Grace, Joey, Hailey!

My neice, Sara, enjoyed her ladybug cupcake! Is that you Liam? And Brian too!

My neice, Hailey

Hannah and Carson Grace!

Nama and Gracie eating cake!

Blowing out candles!

Oh- she was alseep when we first got there- so we had to wake her up for her own party!! She looked around confused for a second... and then realized it was her ladybug birthday party!!! FINALLY! We had talked about it for soooo long!!!
Can I have some of that cake?

The hayloft at the Pumpkin Patch!

These are all out of order- but this is Grace on the way before she fell alseep... cute.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday party set up!

We had Grace's birthday party Sunday at the Pumpkin Patch!! We reserved the loft for cake and presents, and had a fantastic time. It really was the perfect location... Dad set everything up for the party before we got there. Here are some shots of the "preparty." I will post party pictures soon!!