Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ZaZa's birthday June 27th!

We celebrated ZaZa's birthday on the 27th of June at our house. We had a nice "Danitza menu" dinner and April made bread pudding- ZaZa's favorite. Grace called it "April's cake" and is still asking for it!

This is Grace's new thing. If she is REALLY happy she sticks her tongue out and screams.
Grace loves Sophie! Anytime she talks about John and April she says, "Unca, Aprul, and Arf" It is soooooo cute!

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Leah said...

She is getting so big--I adore the blond pigtails--and cuter by the second!

Drew called on my birthday (day after ZaZa's!) and got Grace to leave me a message. She kept saying "Leeeeahhhhhh!" and "Bye Leeeeaaaaahhh!"

I think I'll hang onto that one. :P