Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day at the park & an Evening with Ryan and Rona

Yesterday Grace, Riley, and I went to the park. We ate lunch at home- which was much easier than our usual packing of lunches, etc... and went to the amusement park side rather than the water park this time. We had such a nice time. Grace really enjoyed the kiddie rides, and did surprisingly well watching Riley while he did the big kid rides. Riley rode the roller coaster about 10 times and probably would have all day if Grace wasn't ready for her nap! Riley on bumper cars!
In the evening we met Ryan and Rona for dinner.

Grace wanted to dance to the music at the Mexican restaurant. We had a really nice time with the H family! Thanks for meeting us for dinner!!! Oh and- as posted in the past, Grace is most happy when her tongue is sticking out. I am not sure where she learned that?... Ginger and Mary Ann?!!!

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The Clark Family said...

Grace is such a sweet girl.. Love the dance moves. Liam loves to dance too.