Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Sweet Baby

Lately Grace has been saying things to me... like "lani poo ra" and I have no idea what she is saying... so I will say it back to her... "lani poo ra" or whatever it is she just said... and she laughs and laughs at me and says what I said back... it is like she is saying, "No mommy! That isn't what I said... lani poo ra!! ? !! Hahahahaha, don't be ridiculus mommy!" It is so cute. She has done it over and over with different things she is trying to tell me. She doesn't get frustrated or mad when I can't figure it out, she just laughs at me. It is cute.

Also- tonight, I met my friend Darla for a chat- which was super awesome, and when I got back I told Grace... "I missed you Grace" And she said, "Missed you Mommy" over and over and over... and she was stroking my face as she said it. Aaawwww!!!

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Heather said...

Aw, lovebug!!! :)