Sunday, August 3, 2008

A full day!

We had so much fun today! Grandma and Grandpa came over and we went to the water park! Grace wore her outfit from "Papa"

We had so much fun at the water park! Grace showed Grandma and Grandpa how she slid on her belly down the baby slide. Grandma went down the middle slide with Grace 3 times while Dad and I went on the big tube ride!! I lost my bottoms on the ride!! We were going so fast!! Ok, so it wasn't my BOTTOMS... but my wrap!! Haha! Then Grandpa went down a slide with Grace too. We went over to the ride side- and went on the train. Buffie, Riley, and Victoria were there, but by the time we saw them, we were exhausted from the heat! It was TOOOO hot for the amusement side, so we left for lunch!
Then when Daddy came home we went to Tuscaloosa for a night on the town. Which included, fried chicken, running around the mall and the bookstore. :)

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