Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day Three

Grace woke up and found something in her diaper bag. "Mommy! Gracie found purple sucka!" How could I resist... a nice addition to breakfast. She talked to ZaZa and Daddy on the phone while eating her sucker.
Papa and Grace go to White Castle. They should make a movie about it. Grace gobbles hers right up.
Papa showed Grace the birds at Great Grandma's place.

My grandma, Grace's Great Grandma Lois and my Uncle, Gracie's Great Uncle Larry. We visited outside of Grandma's place for a while. She really has a nice place to stay. I was glad to see where she is now. I didn't get pictures of her room... but with all of her things, it really feels like home, and feels like a cute little apartment. It is just right.
More pictures soon of the rest of the trip!!! Much love!

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