Sunday, August 17, 2008

2500 + Miles! Road trip!!

What a trip! Papa, Grandma, Grace and I drove - yes DROVE - to Minnesota!! We had quite a trip/vacation. Papa and Grace decided they were on vacation, Grandma and I were on a trip. That is because Grandma and I were wanting to go go go on the road, and Papa and Grace wanted to take it easy and stop along the way. It was great though! I am glad we did stop quite a bit, it was a long long time in the car. Grace handled it better than I did. !!!! I have so many pictures to share- but I will start with a cute picture of Grace with her Great Grandma and me. I love it because Grace is looking like, "Who is this woman?" And Great Grandma is looking like, "Who is this kid?" I will post more pictures of the journey and the destination soon.

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Leah said...

Grace's expression in that photo is priceless.