Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day One

The first day we stopped for lunch, and the place we were going to go to was right next to a Chuck E Cheese... well... Grace started clapping and saying "YEAH CHUCK E CHEESE" over and over... and we- my mom, my dad and I, kept looking at each other like 'what do we do now?' Papa decided and drove on over to Chuck E Cheese so Grace could have a fun break from the car drive. She was so happy! It was a nice treat. For Grace anyway!! The first night we stopped in St Joseph, IL and stayed with my cousin Laura her husband Kyle and their cutie sweet boy Carter! Here is a picture of the cutie second cousins hugging!

Carter shared his train toys with Grace. They both LOVE LOVE trains.
Me and Carter!
Kyle, Laura, and Carter. Thank you for letting us stay! We had such a great time. And Grace LOVES her book. Thank you sooooo much. We love you!

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