Sunday, June 8, 2008

Great Uncle and Great Aunt visit

We went to Atlanta on Saturday to see Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda. (Uncle Bill is Drew's father's brother) Uncle Bill was there for a convention/meeting with the water board... and it was a great meeting point. Grace was glad to run around the hotel lobby after the car ride there.
Aunt Linda strolled Grace around.
We went to the top of the Westin Hotel... floor 72! There was a really neat observatory and museum up top. Grace ran and ran in circles, and she really enjoyed looking through the telescope with Uncle John.
"Wait, I can't see....!"
I love this picture. The Golightlys!! Grace is having fun with Uncle John, Drew is hiding in the back, April looks beautiful and happy, and Linda and Bill are posed nicely for the shot. LOVE IT!
HAHAHAHA!! Grace grabbed ALL of Drew's french fries at the Hard Rock Cafe and tried to stuff them all in her mouth... Uncle John is hilarious!

More of the fries pic... sorry these are all out of order... I can't quite figure this blogging thing out sometimes.
Gracie and Great Aunt Linda. Or "Annn Lalaaaala"

What a nice time! I wish we could see them more often!!! Thanks for a fantastic visit. We all hope to get to Charleston soon!!!

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