Thursday, June 5, 2008

Amusement park!!!

What a fun day! Grace went to the water park today with Peyton and Amanda for the first time. She had a BLAST!! I didn't get any pictures of our trip during the day- but we went back again tonight to the amusement park. Stephanie invited us to come with her work event. We had such a nice time.

Sweet pictures of the F family!
Stephanie, Hannah, and Chad.
All of us together. The B, F, and G family! John, Crystal, Ella, Drew, me, Grace, Chad, Stephanie and Hannah.
2 of my greatest girl friends: Stephanie and Crystal. Chad (Stephanie's husband) and Drew were friends in college- Stephanie too- and Stephanie & Chad are married now... I used to work with Stephanie at the SouthTrust. We met Crystal and John at a mutual friend's birthday party, and John later worked with Drew at AmSouth... and now Stephanie and Crystal work together as financial gurus. That is the nutshell version of my connections. Love these girls... ahem... women. (BTW- Stephanie is my personal photographer!!!!!! See slideshow from previous post)
The menfolk and babies.
Drew and Chad's next album cover.
Grace going in the balloon ferris wheel with Ella and John.

Chooooo Choooooo!

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Stephanie said...

how fun!!! I love your story of how we all met! It is definitely an interesting story :) Grace looks so grown in all these pics! I can't get over it!