Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandpa gets Grace a choo choo train

Grace loves trains... and so does Grandpa! Grace was so surprised when she saw the trains for the first time. Grace is grinning at the track!

She had so much fun playing choo choo! with Papa!

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Leah said...

These photos remind me of Grace in the toy store a few weeks ago. I think you were babysitting Riley, and Drew brought Grace out for ice cream. We walked into the toy store across the street, and she went right for the trains. She played with them for awhile and then started picking out all the train pieces and depositing them in my lap. Then we went to the bookstore, where she did the same thing. Ha--
Good thing Grandpa got her a choo choo.

PS--Do you have a video of Grace watching "Diaper Man"? :P