Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to Denver (more pics)

Grace hanging out with her second cousin, Carter. He is reading to her--- he is 4 years old... and he can read just about anything you put in front of him!! He is so smart, and so fun! The kiddos hanging out in the hotel room. Grace so loved hanging out with Carter. They were super duper cute together.

Grace looking at my first cousin Jake.
Brandon holding Grace--- Jake in background.

Casa Bonita... Drew's dream came true. Amy's dad calls it Kaka don't eat it.

Lilia and Grace in a restaurant in downtown Denver.

The Adkins with Gracie girl. Lee and Amy were so awesome. It was the first time I met Lee, and they have been married for nine years!!! Craziness!

The Dads and girls in Downtown Denver. We just went and walked around for a little bit- and decided we would rather hang out in downtown Littleton. I am so glad we went though, it was neat to see the city I was born in again!

Grace loved Lilia's dog, Leo.

Sweetie Pie Lilia.

Grace, "Hmmm... what else should I make for dinner?"

Some Buffalo on the side of the road... Grace loved that the bird was sitting on the buffalo!


Jenika said...

you have to tell me how to pronouce "Lilia"

looking for a baby girl name is maddening!

right now "Aleah" is in the running, but "Lilia" sounds beautiful too...although pronouncing might be difficult

let me know!

Michele D'Onghia said...

molto belli