Friday, August 14, 2009

Colorado trip Day 1

I bought plane tickets last March to see Amy in August, not knowing I would be in Denver this past June. It was good to see her then too, but so nice to have a visit w/ her under much better circumstances.

Grace and I were able to have an incredible time with Amy. I love her dearly... and have since I was zero. We have been connected for so many years... almost 32 to be exact. Wow... that is weird... 32... eeeeek! But I did have a guy from the Hyundai dealership mistake me for 14 the other day. He could not believe Grace was mine, and insisted that he thought I was 14... not even old enough to drive!!! LOL! I have been carded this summer for a lottery ticket, and for a drink... but to be mistaken as a freshman in high school... anyhow- back to Colorado:

Our first full day we went to the candy store in Littleton. It is called Lola's Sugar Rush, and let me tell you- it is the CUTEST candy store ever. I just ADORED it... I wish I could have a shop like it and call it Mandy's Candies.... maybe some day, eh?

I love this picture of Lilia, she is chasing bubbles... and her cutie face has candy all over it from our fun candy store trip. Grace LOVES their dog Leo. She loves loves loves him. IN FACT... after Amy worked so hard on making cupcakes for Lilia's birthday, she had to run to the store... and while she was gone... LEO ATE THE CUPCAKES!!!! I think he ate like 2 dozen or so!! Needless to say, Amy was very upset when she discovered this... and Grace was on Leo's side saying it was ok... and she loved him.... even if we were all groaning at him... :)

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