Sunday, July 5, 2009

Colorado with family

I want to say thank you to all of my friends and family for being so supportive to me during this time. My grandmother lived a full long life, and to know she is reunited with my grandfather brings such a good feeling to me and my family.

Of course the reason for the visit to Colorado was sad, but it was so wonderful to be with family. It has been so long since I have been with so many people from my side of the family. I love each of you so very very much.
My mom's first cousin Pauline attended, as well as her son Gene who is my second cousin. ( Is that right, Gene? So Pauline is my first cousin once removed? ) ANYWAY- MY COUSINS! MY FAMILY: My Uncle Larry, mom's brother, Mom, Pauline, John (another of mom's first cousins) and Uncle Terry, mom's other brother:
My Aunt Sharon, Uncle Terry ( mom's brother ) Amber (Nathan's wife) Nathan and Simone ( my cousins) :
Uncle Larry with his daughters ( my cousins) Laura on the left- her husband Kyle behind... and their two children Carter and Chase. Carrie on the right with her son Max. (Missed you Scott, Linda, Danylle, and Chad! )

My family- lightening the mood a little. My brother, Jeremiah, Mom, me, and Grace. Kotie, Dad, and Drew behind. We missed you Hailey and Sara!

My Uncle John ( Dad's brother ) Aunt Brenda, Cousins Justin, Jerad, Brandon, and Jake.
Uncle Jer with Gracie and Max!

What is that you said, Grace?
I will post more pictures of Colorado and Amy and her family soon. Thank you Amy, Lee, and Lilia for letting us stay with you and for being so incredibly awesome.

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A said...

You have a beautiful family.