Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sara's Birthday bash!

We made a quick trip to Virginia to celebrate Sara's second birthday! What a bash!

Grandpa loves bubbles!!!! BUBBBBBBLES!!! Me and Grace!
Sara getting ready to blow out her candles.

Sara and Kotie. Hailey looking so sweet.
"Hey there Aunt Mandy!" She is sooooo adorable. Love this girl beyond words.
Love all these girls beyond words... anyhow- here is Grandpa with his 3 granddaughters. Grace and Grandpa kiss!

Grace with Peyton and Hailey at the sandbox!

Uncle Jer and Gracie!
Grace is sitting with Kotie's dad eating her first smores.

Jer and I ride the teeter-totter. I think that is Sara with me... uh... sorta hard to tell. We were going so fast. Haha. Reminded me of when Jer and I were little and played together. Good times! Good times!
Look at the "playground" my brother made for the girls in their backyard. Swingset, huge sandbox, and cute little benches.

One weekend he decided to make a firepit. Yeah- just said, "hey, I am bored, how about I make a firepit in the backyard" 2 days later they are out making fires and roasting marshmellows. Talk about motivation.
I love this picture- I just wish it had more light! All of the girls around Grandma. Taking turns on her lap. So sweet.

More of Jer and Kotie's backyard. And yes, my brother made that little house- one weekend. Isn't it darling?!!! The girls LOVE it. Grace did too! She was constantly going in and out- and sitting on the picnic table inside. Grandpa got a windchime so Hailey used it to call us in to "dinner."
Sara, getting ready to pop bubbles!

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