Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cover Girl

CG- two fold... First of all- after all the couponing and rebates and BOGO frees are taken into account... I took over 70$ worth of make- up home... not just for free-- but for getting over 10$ back on a gift card!!! Can you believe it!! 14 CoverGirl items- and Rite Aid is sending me a gift card!!! I am so proud of my coupon skills this month. Seriously- with all that make up I should become a beauty queen right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!! Still- it was fun, and I made money off of it.
AND!! My little cover girl is on Stephanie's PhotogBlog spot... check her out!!
More soon!!

1 comment:

Dr. Buffie said...

Okay so you were suppose to help me know about these deals. Can I still get them? Glad to see the computer up and running. I will probably see you Wed, but maybe Thursday.