Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back up and RUNNING!

Our computer was "out of order" temporarily- and thanks to my BIL John, it is back up and running!!! I am super lucky to have a computer expert in the family. Thank you, John for saving all 11,148 pictures of Grace we have taken over the past year and a half. Yes seriously-- -it was over 11,000 pictures of Grace... a little obsessive don't you think? ;-)

Can you imagine what a basket case I would have been had I lost all of Grace's baby pictures? I don't consider myself materialistic- but when it comes to pictures--- you better believe I would cry my eyes out had I lost them--- so again... A BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks to John for the computer fix.

More blogging soon- just wait until you see the good deal I got at Rite Aid with CoverGirl!! 14 make up items for less than $8.00. Again- not materialistic- but very frugal!! PEACE

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