Thursday, April 3, 2008

More couponing!!

So check this out!! I got allllll of these groceries for $8.31!!! YEAH!!! I know, I know. Big whoop. But I am excited about my good deals. 40 count pizza rolls for 84 cents! 3 pack of soap for 40 cents, etc. etc. 5 boxes of cereal!!! 4 boxes of poptarts! PB! Grace snacks! Yogurt! Frozen veggies! Sorry- this is my new hobby.

And this is what I got for free this week! More toothpaste too! ( I can stock up or give to charity! WAHOO!) Allergy meds, toothbrush and blush!


danitza said...

I can tell you are very very good taking pictures of groceries, tooth paste and brushes! all very organize in a unique style, I love it!!!

Crystal Bowles said...

So, where are you getting all of these coupons?????

A said...

Here is a link Joy sent me:

View it as inspiration!

Stephanie said...

teach me, oh great one!