Friday, April 4, 2008


We had to take Grace to Children's Hospital last night. She had been sneezing and coughing since Wednesday night, but we thought it may be a cold coming on. But last night around 5:30ish she started wheezing. So we didn't want to take ANY chances! We took her to the URGENT CH clinic and they gave her a breathing treatment. We had to hold a mask on her face for 10 minutes. Poor girl. She screamed her little heart out. It was so sad. I was crying too! Then Drew and I started to sing to her- and she calmed down... but it may be just because she was getting so exhausted. Anyhow, the Dr said that helped tremendously. She said she has allergies and it is due to the pollen that is so bad right now. UGH! Grace got her Dad's side allergies. Bummmmmer.... we may have to move to Colorado. :) We need to give her the inhaler treatment every 4 hours for 3 days and a steroid medication every day for 5 days. We will keep you posted. Stupid allergies. :( :(


Crystal Bowles said...

Poor little baby!!!!!

A said...

I would have been so scared. Looks like you and Drew handled it like champs!

Stephanie said...

oh no! Poor Grace!!! I hope she's doing much better now :(