Saturday, January 31, 2009

My painting!

Lindsay and I went to SipsNStrokes in Vestavia. She invited me to go paint with her. It was so much fun... !! I can barely draw a circle... so this was just a lot of fun having someone tell you what to do... and it turned out decent!! Everyone knows my brother is the artist in my family--- so this was fun. I would love to see how Jer's would have turned out... he could have sold it that night I bet!! Anyhow- I am going to try to get a group together in March to go do this again!! Anyone interested? I know Melissa is! And Stephanie! Right?! And Buffie too! Post a comment if you want to join me!! Thanks again, Lindsay for inviting me!!


A said...

I'm in! I have been 3 times and I love it.

A said...

PS- great job on the painting, Mandy.