Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Candy by Mandy!

Yes, I am making and selling candy! Suckers are just $1.00!! Just look at these delicious suckers. You can order Valentine's Day Suckers for the one you love, your friends, grandparents, kids, etc! Choose from the following sayings or customize your own message for just 25 cents more!

Please send your order request to candybymandy@gmail.com


Darla said...

Hey Mandy,
These are really cute. What are they made of? Are they chocolate or are they flavored hard candy? Will you have some at Bunko friday?

Mandy Go said...

Hey everyone! These particular suckers are made of vanilla flavored candy wafers... but I can make them in chocolate or dark chocolate too!! Thanks for the question! :)

A said...

They are very tasty! I highly recommend Candy By Mandy sucker!