Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend at the Cabin

We met my brother and his family for a Thanksgiving getaway in the cabins at Gatlinburg.

Look at this little girl... LOOK AT HER! She is getting so big!!! Hailey, my dear, and Sara, my sweets, it was so fun playing with you all weekend. Grandma, Grandpa, Grace, Hailey, Sara and I had so much fun playing and going to Adventure Quest! We did a black light indoor golf, a mission impossible game, and the mirror maze!! Every moment we were at the cabin Sara wanted to wear her princess dress!

Grace looked just like Abby Gadabby or however you spell it. So cute, "When I'm happy I float..."

The girls "slept" in the tent. By that I mean, I slept in the tent with the girls- some girls left here and there... but I stayed. Look how thrilled Sara looks! That look is very familiar- Ah yes, it looks just like the looks my brother used to --- and still does--- give me!

Grace was laughing and laughing. She thought it was a riot to sleep in the tent! So cute!

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