Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve at Mom and Dads

Every year we have Christmas eve at my parents and eat oyster stew. We open our presents with them too!

Mom and Dad got Grace a Puppet Theatre!

She loves it!! It is really super duper nice!
They got Drew a Blu Ray player for his Christmas and Birthday present.

"Papa, need help? I just open for you"

Look at that cute Apron with a LADYBUG on it. You know, Grace used to say lalee lug. Now she actually says ladybug... and it just breaks my heart!!

"Look, Papa, I made that for you! "

"Daddy! Present for you!"

We had a great Christmas eve! And this was the year of electronics!! Daddy got his new blu ray from my parents... we got an awesome new telephone set from Zara, and we got a new laptop with router from John and April. Thank you family so very very much for our Christmas gifts. I will post Christmas Day pictures soon!!

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