Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prayers for my grandmother

My grandmother is in the hospital right now. She isn't doing well. This is hard for me, and as many of you know most of my post are just pictures & updates of Grace... I am not one of those bloggers that pours out my feelings about events, people, or things... I can't really process the way I feel right now about how my grandmother is doing. It is difficult. I just wanted to share some beautiful family photos she gave to me about a decade ago. If ANYone in the family would like to have copies or the originals, just let me know and I will be happy to send them your way. These aren't scanned perfectly--- I had a little helper that wanted to pick the printer cover up and readjust my pages... but you can see some beautiful pictures of my grandma and I am sure Grandma would love to know that Grace helped scan them. I have been reminiscing the last few nights about the past with my grandmother. I can clearly remember staying over night at her house in Colorado as a very little girl and laying next to her with the green glow of her night lamp that hung over her headboard. I remember talking late nights with her and probably asking questions that are normal for a young child, but now I would think were inappropriate... I talked with her yesterday for only about 3 minutes before she was wore out from only a few words. All of those years in between those nights in Colorado to our quick conversation last night, are full of memories of late night talks with my grandmother. Grandma and I always shared a room when we visited each other... I have so many thoughts, so many memories, so many questions. At this point I ask for prayers for my grandmother, Lois Laverne Cook... please pray for her peace as she goes through this... please pray for our family as we go through this. Thank you.

Lois Laverne Harbert Born 4/11/1918:

Lois with my Great Uncle Don around 1921 or 1922:
My great grandparents Lawrence & Nina Harbert with Don and Lois around 1929. This is the same piano that is now in my mother's home:

My grandfather Harlie Cook "throwing" my grandmother in the Pacific Ocean at Oregon Coast in 1941:

Ruth and my grandmother on a picnic:

My grandparents in 1942:

Grandma in 1945:

My grandparents in 1946:
5th Anniversary at Timberline on road to Mt. Evans 1950:

My grandmother with my Uncle Larry, Uncle Terry, and my mother Dec 31, 1952:
Cook family June 7, 1953:

Grandma with Larry, Terry, and Karla Sept 5, 1953:

My grandmother at my wedding Nov. 3, 2001:


Crystal Bowles said...

What wonderful pictures Mandy. We'll definitely be praying for all of you!

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