Saturday, March 29, 2008

Painting the Man Cave

Ok- we started to paint our basement today--- and as Drew said, "This is NOT our calling." We could not even pretend that it was fun and splash paint on each other like couples do in the movies. We HATED every minute of it- and we aren't even finished. Seriously. What happened to my Habitat for Humanity skills?!!? I was getting so frustrated, and our PROFESSIONAL paint tarp leaked through tons of spots on our new carpet!!! Thanks to my mom, she was able to blot most of it up! What a day. But enough of my negative vibes in the universe--- I have to tell you the awesome positive stuff- my mom, Momma Zara, John and April were here to help take care of Grace and mom even jumped in to help paint! And she HATES painting. Thanks Mom! And John took down Grace's crib, put up her new toddler bed and put her step stool together!!! Family sure is a blessing. Thanks to each of you. I love you!


Crystal Bowles said...

I would tell you John and I would come and help you finish painting, but that would be a lie. Good luck!

Julie Evans said...

Mandy, i'm so proud of you two! my husband and i started painting last year and ended up hiring a painter!