Thursday, September 24, 2009

It is done.

Well, we have moved from "Gracie's House" It was very bittersweet. I am thankful we sold our home in this market... but I am sad, because it was the home that Grace started to crawl, walk, talk... and boo about. I have so many memories in that home in less than 3 years. Drew had his mancave, and I had my vaulted ceilings w/ plenty of natural light. I hope we can find a house we all love again... and before too long!! Grace saw the house empty and said, "Oh NO! What happened to Gracie's House? OH NO! Where is your bed, mommy... ? OH NO! They packed up Gracie's room! OH NO OH NO! Mommy! OH NO, I really liked this room!" A while later she said, "I miss Gracie's house, but I'm not sad anymore. We are going to find a new grown up house and Ginger and Mary Ann can come too" BTW- G&MA are staying with my friend Dan until we find our new home... THANK YOU DAN!!

We are staying w/ family until we decide where to land... so I won't be blogging much these days... :) Much love to everyone! Hope to post new home pictures before too long!!!